Monday, June 27, 2011

Salted Watermelon, Monday, Magic.

I can explain. Remember how I put salt on the Pear tarts that my bog title alludes to? Remember how it was delicious? This watermelon is no different. It' s sweet, it's lovely, and it wants salt. My friend Dale put this idea in my head. Dale knows his food so we're gonna trust him on this one. Another thing about Dale, is that he is not fond of circular things. In an ideal world, Dale would use square or rectangular plates only. So naturally, if you give Dale a round thing such as a watermelon, he will cut it into... you guessed it: cubes. Well, here is the lovely thing about cubing a watermelon: you get to eat all the scraps! My grilled cheese sandwich at lunch went pretty darn well with these salty cubes of crunch. Try it!

I won't try to write out a recipe for my Grilled Cheese and Salted Watermelon (with greens), because I'm sure you can guess how I made it. What I will do though, is share some tips: if you don't have a sandwich press, cast iron is great for grilling bread. Put some pressure on your sandwich, though. My brilliant system today involved a plate and a full kettle. You could use a plate and a nineteenth century novel. Whatever works...

P.S. I tried to be really discreet about my use of Challah in making the grilled cheese of this post. I though you're so sick of this loaf of bread by now. But then I got a comment on the last post from Amuse- bouche that sent me back to the kitchen. I came back with this tiny grilled chocolate sandwich to have with my espresso. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sweet sweet conclusion to my lovely loaf of Challah.


  1. I'm definitely smiling :) So glad you made a grilled chocolate sandwich...and you ate it with an espresso. Thata girl!

    In addition to salt—which is also excellent on cantelope (I learned that from my mom)—I like to take my cubes of watermelon and glide them around on my plate after I've had some salad. There's something wonderful about salt/pepper/extra virgin olive oil/red wine vinegar (in trace amounts) that makes watermelon sing.

  2. My fridge is FULL of watermelon right now, so rest assured dear friend, that some cubes will be gliding :)

  3. oh yum yum yum- to all of it! we actually ate yellow watermelon with salt when i was a kid and i have always loved it...oh esp with feta and olives- such a good combo! ditto for the chocolate grilled sandwich- delish!
    so glad the comment thing is working now!
    good stuff mina! looking forward to more!

  4. Definitely going to try that this weekend, as there is bound to be lots of watermelon around. Glad to have found your blog, it looks like i'll really enjoy it so you've got a new follower. Now off to read about your challah!

  5. yey lise! you finally made it through! so excited. Hi Nicole! I've been checking &babycakes3 for some time now and love it. Your blog header image is one of my favorites :)

  6. Delicious post. I love the savory side of watermelon too, it must be fun to have a fridge full of it! I also really like the challah and chocolate together- It sounds just perfect!

  7. This made me smile - where I come from, we always eat salt with watermelon ... clementines too (and all other forms of oranges) .. our fruit salad, even, is eaten with a salty-zesty spice mix sprinkled on top.

    And challah with chocolate.. wow. I have no challah on hand but I have lots and lots of dark, dark chocolate. . this could work.