Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy good cran-raisin scones

I don't know what's up with us lately, maybe something about the drop in temperature and it being too cold to walk to the bakery, or maybe because we haven't been around the house lately for dinner because of work, but either way it seems like our oven has been on non-stop, so a string of simple baking and breakfast recipes is going to accrue in the next week or two. This is a recipe for a scone that I like to bake whole and cut into wedges, adapted from a Beard on Bread recipe for "Girdle" scones (Beard's explanation is that it's a bit of Scottish slang and "they are exceptionally easy to make"). Also, this is probably our all time favourite bread book, at least in part because we found a screen printed hardcover edition lying in the trash one day walking home together in the rain and its been good to us ever since, producing some damn fine bread. Plus, it's full of tons of great recipes and invaluable advice. So, here's our recipe for a baked cranberry-raisin scone adapted from James' Beard's stove top version of the same.

Recipe: Cranberry and raisin scone

2C all-purpose flour
1/4 golden raisins
1/4 dried cranberries
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 to 1 1/2C buttermilk, or half and half milk and yogurt

In a mixing bowl, sift all of the dry ingredients (including dried cranberry and raisin) together and stir with a fork. split dry mixture in two, and then working with one half at a time add enough buttermilk to form a soft, ball-forming dough, and using floured hands pat, toss and stretch into a 1/2" thick circle. Repeat with the other half.

Bake the two rounds for 8 to 12 minutes or until golden brown, then cut into quarters and serve warm, or cold. (Note: The scone or dough can be frozen, but once baked it should be eaten the day of.)

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  1. I've beens stuttering over the idea of making scones for weeks now. I look up a recipe, sigh, but never do. Maybe for Valentine's morning. Love the photos.